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Renault Moscou

Renault Moscou

plant in MOSCOU



Name of the customer Open Joint-Stock Company AVTOFRAMOS
Address of the customer 35 Vorontsovskaya str.
109147 - MOSCOW
Nature of the works Renovation of RENAULT AVTOFRAMOS plant in MOSCOU
HVAC – Plumbing – Boiler house
Address of the Construction site (Work)  
Architect / Project manager  
Address of
the Project manager
Value of the total contract 8 140 000,00 €
Duration of the works 22 months
Period of the works March 2004 in December 2005
of the realized works
Object of the works :
  • Boiler House fitted with gas burners
  • Cooling Station – Welding posts – Tank 60m3 from stainless steel 304L + 304L stainless steel distribution network 5 km long
  • Compressed Air Station + 304L stainless steel distribution network 10km long
  • Fire Fighting System (Hydrants + Sprinkler network)
  • Renovation area surface: 100 000m2
  • 120t of metal framework
  • Production of sanitary hot water
  • Heating networks
  • End consumers
  • Air exhaust
  • Ventilation of office areas and utility spaces
  • Cooling equipment
  • Water supply networks
  • Air conditioning
  • Setting to work, testing, adjusting

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