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« Les établissements CUNIN » (instigator and spearhead of the JULES CUNIN Group) find their origins in a family business created in 1906 by Jules CUNIN.


Jules CUNIN, native to the village of Grandvillers in the french department of Vosges, first came to the region of Vittel Contrexéville to install the water pipe of the salty fountain (known today as HEPAR). That pipe then stretched from the farm of Grésille on the road to Valleroy (where the catchment point was installed) until the bottling plant located at that time in the building of the present PALMARIUM (in the middle of the spa park near to the thermal pool).

Jules, then a hired artisan, was working for the « Grés de Grandvillers » and was known as a fast worker beyond the boundaries of the region.


After he had spent a couple of months in the Vittel region he appreciated, he decided to settle in Vittel, where the COMAUX company hired him as a plumber and a fountain-worker.


When the World War I broke out, like all the young men of that period, Jules CUNIN was called up to serve. As the father of a large family, he was demobilized in 1915 (5 children were born to the family ; Georges, Gaston, Roger, Marcel and Madeleine). Following this, he started up as a Fountain/Sheet-metal/Plumber craftman and established his workshop in the basement of the « Eaux de Vittel » Company (Vittel Waters, known today as the PALMARIUM), one of his major clients which he was working for as a maintenance worker. He did so until 1919.

(Gaston and Roger Cunin in 1926)

(Signature of a contract. People present: Sergei IVACHKINE, Albert I. GOLISHEV, Nathalia V. TCHERNIKOVA, Serge CUNIN, Jacky DURAND, Vladimir K. YEGOROV)

Pivotal years of JULES CUNIN Group's components


Creation of the society Jules Cunin.



The COMAUX Company restarted its business and Jules CUNIN ceased own his business to work again as an employee of COMAUX.



COMAUX shut down for lack of successor. Jules CUNIN got back to Vittel (Vosges) with his three sons, Georges, Gaston and Roger. At that period, hotel business was flourishing, and sanitary equipments in the rooms and the buildings of new hotel complexes were in high demand. The tourism, which mainly affected people working in the French Colonies, was of paramount importance and the two stations around, Vittel et Contrexéville, were fashionable destinations. Gaston CUNIN took care of construction projects, meanwhile Georges and Roger were responsible for the area of Vittel.



Roger CUNIN also settled in Remoncourt (Vosges) ; as his company grew up, he finally moved to Mirecourt (Vosges) in 1960 where he employed up to 25 persons. He had three children : Monique, Michel and Jean-Claude. After having twice experienced difficulties, the company definitely shut down in 1984.



Gaston CUNIN decided to set up his own company. He settled in Vittel, Place du Général de Gaulle, then Rue du Petit Ban and finally Place des Vieilles Halles in 1943. He employed up to 5 persons. He had 6 children : Madeleine, born in 1927, Marcel born in 1929, Maurice born in 1930, Georges born in 1932, Bernard born in 1950 and René in 1954. All his sons would be trained to the trade. He shut down in 1979.


(Resistance ti the heart. on September 2, 1944, there were no German in Vittel anymore. From right to left: Dr. Contal, Mayor of Remoncourt, Mr. Parisot, Prefect of the Vosges, Mr. Euvrard, Sub-Prefect and Mr. Roger Cunin, Head of the Vittel-Campagne Sector)



Marcel (current CEO's father), graduated from the École Supérieure de Couverture d'Angers (Higher School of Roofing in Angers), settled as a plumber in Contrexéville, Rue de Metz, and then Rue Division Leclerc in 1962 : the small business will count up to 8 employees.



The small business was renamed « les Ets CUNIN » in 1982.

Marcel, associated with his brother René and his son Serge, created the company Ets CUNIN SARL (CUNIN Ltd.) with capital of 15 244,90 €. The company then had 15 employees with a revenue of 686 020,58 €.

At that period, the company had four client segments :

Private individuals – Administrations – Industry – Trading (plumbing fitting)



The company was awarded a 609 796,07-euro contract with the OPAC (Public Housing Agency) for equipping 141 accomodations with heating, fitting and Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) in the town of Epinal.

After having carried out this project, The « Ets CUNIN » opened a branch in Epinal. At first, it was located in the Rue Aristide Briand and then in the renovated premises in Saint-Laurent. It was directed by René CUNIN until 1994 and today by Daniel CUNIN (second son born to Marcel).



The company extended its business to 2 departments with distinctive activities : Roofing and Fluids. Besides the « Ets CUNIN » in Contrexéville, Serge CUNIN founded The CUNIN Sarl. In Mattaincourt (Vosges). This new company took over the market that was vacated after the closure of Roger CUNIN's business in the region of Mirecourt.



Marcel and Serge bought the FLORENTIN company (carpentry) in Mirecourt, which would become the CHARPENTE COUVERTURE MIRECURTIENNE (CCM) – CARPENTRY ROOFING OF MIRECOURT.

At that date, all the companies and branches of JULES CUNIN Group are administrated at the head office in Contrexéville.



The Group's international trade experienced a significant increase after the projects on the PULMAN hotel complex in Moscow, on the High School of Rivière Salée in Martinique and on the Nouakchott's Airport in Mauritania had been signed off.

After the Lycée of Rivière Salée was built, a new branch was created in Fort-de-France in Martinique and a partnership was established with the ADDIP company represented by Franck ROSALIE.



Shortly before Marcel CUNIN, the founding leader, retired, the Company as well as its branches and subsidiaries had a total revenue of 6.097.960,69 €, 35% of which came from exportation, and employed 65 persons.



As the « JULES CUNIN SA financière » was created, the « Ets CUNIN » was converted from Sarl (Limited Liabitlity Company) into Société Anonyme (Limited Company) with capital of 304.898,03 €.



The CUNIN Sarl (Limited Liability) was created in Algiers and integrated into the JULES CUNIN Group.



The SA BROCARD in Saint-Dié (Vosges) joined the JULES CUNIN Group.



The JULES CUNIN Group employed 300 employees, 100 of which worked in France and 200 abroad, and generated a revenue of 22 million €.



The JULES CUNIN Group celebrated its 100th anniversary.

(Group photo taken in 2006, during the centary celebration of The Jule's Cunin Group)


The "Jules CUNIN" group creates the ENERTEX company, in partnership with the ALTERGIS Group.


Jules CUNIN SA becomes Jules CUNIN SAS, CUNIN SA becomes CUNIN SAS CONTREXEVILLE, a simplified joint-stock company specializing in the activity sector of installation of thermal and air conditioning equipment.


The company ES eleQ is created in Vitry le François. She is specialized in the fields
HV-LV electrical applications,


The ENERTEX SOURCING company was created in Marseille and is specialized in engineering and technical studies.


CUNIN Industrie SAS was created in Chavelot, specializing in the fields
of climatic engineering,
of sanitary facilities
of industrial piping.


Development of CUNIN CONSTRUCTION MAINTENANCE, a general contractor, specializing in turnkey building and structural work.
Integration of the COUVRACIER company specializing in cladding and waterproofing of industrial and tertiary buildings.


Integration of the Weisrock group, manufacturer of wood solutions (laminated and glued).
The Group's
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