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About us

The current CEO ( Chief Executive Officer ) of the company is Serge Cunin.

Our company finds its origin in a family business created in 1906 by Jules CUNIN, the current CEO's great-grandfather. The JULES CUNIN Group has been founded in 1985 by Serge CUNIN, with the purpose to highlight the competences of each component of the Group, and  works today on Fluids Handling (HVAC Engineering and plumbing), Roofing, Maintenance, Trading and Engineering. Since its creation, The JULES CUNIN Group saw a growth in its activity and is now present all around the world : France, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, China, Algeria, Chad, etc.

The philosophy of the JULES CUNIN Group, through each one of its components, led it to the idea that :



  • The Speed of execution and Anticipation when carrying out studies and when providing technical advice
  • The Prevention of failures (detrimental to the works or relevant services) that may occur at each stage of the project.
  • The Respect of our commitments regarding Planning of Budgets and Quality.
  • The Unconditional acceptance through efficient checks on the completion of work.

  • The Safety of our staff has to be our major concern.
  • The Quality of our works as well as of our services is our main priority.
  • Meeting the client's requirements has to be our "Motto".
  • The Aim of our actions is to provide better works and services than our competitors.
  • The Continuous Improvement is critical to our success.
  • The Mutual learning implies that the lessons learned must be shared.
  • We strive for excellence across any operational areas :
    • Our works,
    • The quality and reliability of our works,
    • The services,
    • Human relationships,
    • Our competitiveness and profitability.
  • The Engagement of our staff – our best sales representative – is what our life is about.
  • We are a Team and as a result we have to build our daily contacts upon Confidence and Mutual Respect.
  •  Each entity has to maintain Good relations with its Suppliers and all other Business partners.
  • Our Integrity should never be compromised.

The approach of communication implemented in the JULES CUNIN Group makes understanding between people easier ad clearer ; to achieve this, the established structures are continuously transformed with the purpose of integrating technological progress.

With the idea of optimising the human ressource available in each component of the JULES CUNIN Group and in order to help these components introduce changes that might be needed in both organization and technics, taking into account the targets and the development of the Group, the implementation of the quality/safety must take into account the specifical needs.


The success of the JULES CUNIN Group depends on the 3 following values :

Our staff is our strenght. They are the « intelligence » ; They are responsible for the good fame of our company and for the dynamism it shows. Their involvment and their team work make up the bulk of our human values.


Our Works, made of technological innovations, are the materialization of our efforts and must be ever-improving to best serve our clients. Our image is closely linked to our works.


The Profits are the final tool to measure our efficiency in meeting the needs of our clients. 

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